Alarm Clock For Mac (Free Download)

From waking up to going to bed we all use different gadgets everyday which makes our lives easy, saves our time, and also keeps us organized.

One of those gadgets is an alarm clock. Nowadays, it is hard to find traditional alarm clocks as they have shifted to our smartphones and laptops in the form of software or applications. 

The alarm clock now available on your devices comes with a whole bunch of extra features, unlike the traditional ones which were only helping you to get up early for work.

However, there is no default clock in your mac where you can set alarms like your smartphones. But you can download the app from our link.

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You can set your alarm clock to remind you about special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, parties, meetings, or other events. You will never be late for church or office or any other work once you have set a reminder on the clock. 


Alarm clock for Mac 

The alarm clock for mac app is a program that is available for Windows and Mac both. This software application comes in the category of productivity software.

The alarm clock application is available for Mac OS X and its previous versions. This app is available in three languages which are English, German, and Spanish.

The best thing about this alarm clock is that it can work from the status bar and won’t be covering your screen. So it just reminds you by showing you a notification just like on a smartphone.

If you are one of those picky people who does not want to wake up to the same default alarm ringtone everyday then this app is really made for you.

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You can set multiple alarms with any of your favorite songs from iTunes. Not just songs you can add playlists or even radio stations of your choice.

Along with song selection, you can adjust the snooze time duration as per your preference. Also, you can increase or decrease the snooze time from the alarm window. 

Many alarms are loud and blaring which is not something you will like to have in your alarm. So, if you don’t want your alarm to be harsh to your ears you can set it to an easy wake.

The purpose of this easy wake option is to increase the alarm volume gradually starting from low sound so you don’t find it uncomfortable. 

How to set alarm without the alarm clock 

You can set reminders, alarms with the help of the default calendar app on your Mac.

  1. Open the calendar app from the launchpad.
  2. Now, double click on the date on which you want to set the alarm.
  3. Select the preferred time slot and click on ‘New Event’.
  4. Type the title for your event then click on the date and time section.
  5. Enter time for the alarm to end then click on ‘None’.
  6. One popup will appear on your screen, click on ‘Custom’ then ‘Message’.
  7. Now, open ‘Message with sound’ and select a sound for the alarm.
  8. Lastly, click on the OK button to set the alarm.

Even if your Mac is in sleep mode you will receive an alert on your iPad or iPhone as the Calendar app will sync the alarm to your other Apple devices.

Alarm Clock For Mac FAQs

  • Can you set an alarm on your Mac?

Yes, as we mentioned above you can set multiple alarms and reminders for different events with the alarm clock app.


Now, wake up to your favorite songs or playlists with this application and get notified whenever you have to attend a meeting or business conference.

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