Arlo App For PC Windows and Mac (Free Download)

Arlo App for PC is one the best and well-reputed smart home security system which also has an app with lots of useful features built-in.

The app has the ability to connect with all the security cameras in your house at once. Arlo app notifies you whenever there is any unusual moment near your property.

With the help of this app, you can maintain excellent surveillance around your property at any time of the day or night from any corner of the world.

This app serves you with live movies from the camera in case you want to have a look at the real-time recording of your camera.

For a live movie, you will have to enter the IP address of the camera, name of the device, and name of the port, also you will need a strong internet connection of 3G/4G.


Features of the Arlo App for PC and Mac

If any unusual noises are heard by the microphone of the camera the app will alert you with a notification if you have connected the camera to the app.

Also if some stranger is roaming around your property or anyone has parked their vehicle in front of your house, you will be notified immediately.

You can set up alarms to scare away strangers that seem suspicious to you.

The live movies from all the cameras can be watched simultaneously and also can be recorded. You can also take screenshots in-between the recording is played.

If the camera sees your pets playing around, you can keep track of them and the app will alert you if something unusual happens.

This app can identify any packages that arrived at your doorsteps with its ‘Package detection’. The ‘Rich notification’ feature lets you respond quickly and efficiently to any alerts or notifications sent to you.

Controlling all these features might be difficult for some of the users because of the small smartphone display. That is why we are here to show you how you can run the app on your PC.

How to download Arlo App for PC 

As there is no official Arlo app announced for PC, you need to have an Android emulator to run this app on your computer.

We will be showing you the steps you can follow to download Arlo on PC with the help of the best Android emulator, BlueStacks.

Steps for downloading Arlo on PC 

  1. Open any web browser and search for “BlueStacks Android emulator”.
  2. Download the apk and save it to an easy-to-reach location.
  3. Install BlueStacks and follow the steps on ‘How to use BlueStacks’. You can skip the instructions part if you want.
  4. Now open the app store in the BlueStacks app and log in to your google account.
  5. Search for the Arlo app on the app store and download it.
  6. Wait for it to be installed. Once it’s done you can open the app from the BlueStacks app drawer.

Arlo App for PC FAQs

  • How much does Arlo cost?
    • For a month Arlo charger $2.99 per camera, for up to 10 cameras the charge is $9.99 per month and both of them come with High Definition recording.
  • Are 4K videos on Arlo charged separately?
    • Yes, along with the basic subscription an additional charge of $1.99 is to be paid for recording 4K videos.
  • Can Arlo work without the internet?
    • No, you need an internet connection to set up your cameras.
  • Does Arlo record all the time?
    • Depends on turning the CVR on or off. CVR – Continuous Video Recording is an optional feature which you can turn on to record video all the time.


If you have an Arlo security system in your home or office, you don’t have to be concerned about anything as this app is jam-packed with all the smart features like alarms, security alerts that you need.

This app allows you to connect multiple cameras to your phone at once so that you can see the footages of all the cameras on one screen which makes it easy to look after your property.

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