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There are tons of anti-spyware and anti-malware available for cleaning your system automatically or manually. A better way is to get rid of those malwares or viruses manually.

Autorun for mac is one such software that helps you eliminate or troubleshoot any of the viruses or annoying behavior of any application manually.

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Autorun was initially introduced by Sys internals but currently, Microsoft has acquired this software application. This app enables you to control all the programs that start automatically with Windows.

There isn’t any version of Autorun developed for Macintosh computers till now. But you might be interested in some other similar software applications which can help you with your purpose.

Autorun For Mac Alternative

1. KnockKnock

KnockKnock for Mac OS X is an alternative for Autorun which is a native of Objective-C. You can run this utility on your Mac by double-clicking on the app.

When the app launches you can just click on the Scan button on top. This will scan for persistently installed software in the locations like Launch items, Spotlight Importers, Kernel Extension, etc.

Once the app completes the scanning you will be able to browse through each area manually to see what is installed on your Mac. You will get a short summary of the number of items found

2. MacBooster

Mac Booster comes with five cleaning tools that help clean your Mac safely and saves it from any of the threats. Cleaning your computer with Mac Booster will enhance its performance.

You can get rid of gigabytes of junk files with the help of this utility and it also helps to free up space from your hard disk which helps improve the overall performance of your Mac.

Mac Booster can locate older and unused files and removes them from your Mac in seconds. With just one click you can get rid of 20 types of junk files and create space for some extra new files.

3. iDoctor

As the name suggests iDoctor is a software made for Apple Macintosh computers which helps in cleaning the computer from the inside.

This software helps you eliminate junk files easily with the help of its 17 different tools. Data can be managed, backed up, or encrypted with this utility. Your personal sensitive information is safe with the Data Encryptor and you can access it anytime with your chosen password.

Also, the duplicate finder makes it easy to locate duplicate files and removes them. Large files that are not useful or just holding unnecessary space can also be scanned and removed.

4. LaunchControl

One of the closest equivalents to Autorun when it comes to removing bugs from your computer system. You can easily get used-to to the simple user interface of this app.

It shows you the most relevant information for the selected job. Also, you can enable or disable the services anytime with just a click. LaunchControl is a complete package with the support of more than 36 documented keys.


If you just shifted from a Windows PC to a Mac then you’ll probably be looking for Autorun for Mac but unfortunately, it is not available for Mac yet.

However, you can download any of the given alternatives we have listed above which suits you best.

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