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If you are an app developer or programmer you might already be knowing about Dev C++ For Mac software. It is an Integrated Development Environment that lets you create C++ based applications for Windows or consoles.

This software uses the MinGW compiler to create those apps. Other GCC-based compilers like Cygwin can also be used with it. This software also enables you to edit and compile resources files.

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As mentioned above this IDE platform will enable you to start programming in C and C++ language under the GNU General Public License for free.


Different tools from the Tool Manager can be used in different projects. Comes with an inbuilt ‘Find’ and ‘Replace’ facility.

If you recently switched to a Mac computer you might be looking for a way to download Dev C++ on your Mac or a similar replacement for Dev C++ as it is not officially launched for Mac.

For the same reason we have listed for you, some of the most amazing alternatives for Dev  C++ For Mac which you can easily run on your Mac.

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Alternatives for Dev C++ For Mac

  • Eclipse

Eclipse is created by Eclipse Foundation Inc. which is a free tool for building software with C++ language and managing it for its lifetime.

Eclipse is also known as a Java IDE but it is more than that, it consists of more than 60 projects. These projects are organized into the given categories.

  • Application framework.
  • Rich Client performance.
  • Embedded and device development.
  • Application lifecycle management (ALM)
  • Service Orientation Architecture (SOA)
  • Qt Creator

Qt is a dual-licensed program which means it is available for free under GPL and LGPLv3 but also you can buy its commercial license to get access to more of its functions.

This is a cross-platform for C++, Javascript, and QML Integrated Development Environment. Qt Creator is available for both Mac OS and Windows operating systems.

It has an integral graphical user interface layout and form designer along with a visual debugger. It uses the C++ compiler from the GNU compiler collection.

  • Apache NetBeans

For software developers and programmers, this is one of the best open-source Integrated Development Environment.

This software supports a variety of languages including C++, Javascript, PHP, Groovy, and Ruby. With the help of these languages, you can create applications for your professional desktop and mobile easily.

NetBeans works on any of the operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris and is easy to install and use.

  • Editra

Editra is a compact and easy to use a text editor which is freely available under the terms of GPL. The trial version can be downloaded for Windows and Mac OS X both.

It supports syntax highlights and other useful features for more than 30 different programming languages.

This software focuses on creating a user-friendly interface and features that help in code development.

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 Dev C++ For Mac FAQs


  • Is Dev C++ available for Mac?
    • No, Dev C++ is not yet developed by Orwell for Mac. That is why we have listed some of the best alternatives for Dev C++ above.
  • Is Dev C++ free?
    • Yes, Dev C++ is a free IDE distributed under General Public License for programming on C and C++ with all of its features.
  • Are Macs good for coding?
    • As you might already know Macs run on a UNIX-based OS which makes it a great option for developers.


Dev C++ really works like magic for developing and testing different apps for different platforms but Mac users won’t get their hands on it.

This is the reason we have listed some of the closest competitors of Dev C++ which you can access from your Mac.

You can try any of this software and select the one which goes with your personal taste and choice.

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