DirecTV For Mac (Free Download)

Launched on June 17, 1994, DirectTV is a direct broadcast satellite service based in the United States of America. In the initial year, there were about 320,000 subscribers of DirecTV.

DirecTV For Mac brings all your favorite channels on your fingertips. Watch movies and TV shows of your choice whenever you want.

DirecTV satellite service has been acquired by AT&T since the year 2015 after getting approved by the United States Federal Communication Commission and United States Department of Justice.

If you are away from your home and want to watch a movie, DirecTV is the solution as it lets you play your favorite TV shows and movies if you have a good internet connection and a computer.


Features of DirecTV For Mac

You can record up to 5 shows at a time and can store up to 200 hours of tv shows or movies to watch later when you are free. Also, the Genie HD DVR can be connected to any of your devices and you can operate them from any corner of the house.

Voice assistants like Alexa also work with DirecTV so that you can just ask Alexa to find and play what you want to watch.

Even if you are late for the home you can watch the latest episodes on your phone through the DIRECTV app. Download your DVR recordings from the home set up on your phone with an internet connection and watch it offline anytime.

With the DirecTV app on your phone, you can get access to any sports-related updates, news headlines, or entertainment programs anytime and anywhere.

With the AT&T wireless, you can stream without any extra cost anytime. You can choose from more than 45000 movies and shows available on the DirecTV app.

If you want a realistic experience of a movie on your 4K TV screen, DirecTV offers original series, TV shows, and other exclusive content in 4K HDR for a cinematic experience.

The DIRECTV satellite service comes with three different subscriptions priced on the basis of the content you get with a particular subscription. If you want to take advantage of some extra features or extra channels then you definitely will be charged with some extra dollars.

The first one is the ‘Entertainment Package’ in which you get some essential channels which are good to go pack for a newbie. This will cost you $64.99 per month.

This package has 160+ channels, 60+ HD channels, 3 months of HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, CINEMAX, and EPIX without any additional charges.

The second one is the ‘ Choice Package’ which includes the regional sports network and ensures entertainment for everyone in the family.

This subscription costs $69.99 a month with a year of free HBO Max included. Moreover, it has over 185+ channels with 85+ having HD quality.

The last and the most premium subscription also known as the ‘Ultimate Package’ comes with more than 250 channels along with the regional sports network and 155+ HD channels.

Along with these channels, you also get 3 months of CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX at the price of $84.99.

Keep in mind that all these free CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, HBO MAX, STARZ, EPIX will be renewed after the subscription ends and they will be charged separately on the second subscription.

Requirements for downloading DIRECTV on Mac

Before going to the downloading process, make sure that your computer has Adobe Flash Player enabled and it meets all the requirements mentioned below.

  • PC Requirements
    • Make sure your PC has a Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 installed and Google Chrome with it’s the latest version available.
  • Mac Requirements
    • For Mac computers, you have to have a Mac OS X 10.8.x (Yosemite) installed along with any of these two browsers, Safari and Google Chrome (latest version).
  • Adobe Flash Player
    • Click any one of the given links to enable Flash Player.
      • Flash Player for Internet Explorer
      • Flash Player for IE on Windows 10
      • Flash Player for Edge on Windows
      • Flash Player for Firefox
      • Flash Player for Safari
      • Flash Player for Chrome

Watch movies and shows on Mac with DIRECTV

If you already have an account on DIRECTV then you can easily watch movies or shows anytime and anywhere.

  1. Sign in with your account on DIRECTV with your id.
  2. Click on ‘watch online’.
  3. Scroll through the available options and select what you want to watch.

If you click on a TV show or movie and it says ‘active now’ or ‘upgrade’ that means you are not subscribed to that particular channel.

DirecTV For Mac FAQs

  • Can I watch DirecTV on Macbook pro?
    • Yes, you can watch it on every MacBook which meets the above requirements.
  • How to pay my DIRECTV bill online?
    • If you are a DIRECTV subscriber you can pay your bills online with your credit/debit card or directly from your bank account.
  • How to send a complaint to DIRECTV?
    • Visit your nearby customer care or you can call us on 8005315000.

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