Download CLONEit for PC (Windows/ Mac)

Transferring data with cables is considered a very old way of using technology and also if we need to transfer data from one device to another device then we need to use a PC or Laptop as a middle device to transfer data.

With Cloneit for PC, we can transfer files from device to another device this application is data sharing application and we have a wide range of types of data that can be transferred from one device to another device.

We can transfer nearly 12 types of data with the help of CLONEit application data can be (images, videos, text messages, call logs, music, settings, call logs, etc).


When we say images then all types of images with different extensions can be transferred and same for videos also all types of videos with different extensions can be transferred from one device to other device and other types of data also support all types of transfer so there is no limitation of data that cannot be transferred

CLONEit application is very useful when we change our phone or buy a new phone and want to get all the data or backup data. There is inbuilt Bluetooth in all the devices but with that, we cannot transfer a wide range of data and the major drawback of Bluetooth is the very low speed in data transfer and CLONEit  for PC is providing 200 times faster data transfer in comparison with Bluetooth and  transfer speed of CLONEit for PC is 200 m/s  which is very fast

It is better to make a smart choice to use this application as users don’t need much time to wait and complete the transaction as with the other applications it is not the same this application is not limited to android mobile phone users but can also be used in PC and laptops with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Download CLONEit for PC

You need to install the BlueStacks emulator first and then in that, you need to install the CLONEit application and for all this, you need to have a google account so that you can launch the emulator and then install the application from google play store.

How to use CLONEit in android phone

  • First, you need to install CLONEit application in both the phones as there is a sender phone and receiver phone
  • Now we take an old phone as the sender and the new phone as the receiver
  • Open the application in the old phone and select “Sender”
  • CLONEit application will create and open wifi hotspot with some name, names will be different in different phones.
  • Now connect the new phone with the created hotspot by old phone and then you will see the sender connection request and then you need to accept the request.
  • Select the data you want to transfer and if you want to transfer multiple data then select all the data you want to transfer and then click on the start button.

When you want to transfer SMS then you need to change the default application for the message as CLONEit and then only you can share your SMS from one device to another device and then once it is done that you can change your setting to default setting.

You can also install applications automatically by changes in your phone settings you need to enable auto-install in your device.

This application is very easy to use as there are very easy and basic steps to be followed and data transfer speed is also good.

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