Wyze Cam for PC Windows and Mac (Free Download)

This application is about security camera there is a lot of use of CCTV cameras everywhere but today as the current situation people have started using CCTV cameras or any security appliances for homes also as homes are not safe when they are out of town or when people are not at home so for security purpose people have started using security appliances for the home.

So, with the help of home security cameras, people will be able to see and watch their homes and any kind of unusual movement from CCTV cameras many people have preferred this application for security purposes of their homes and we hope you would also prefer the same.

Wyze Cam is the best choice and most popular for those you are looking for a smooth and handy home CCTV surveillance camera.


This is a small and compact camera device that is meant for multipurpose work as you can use as a CCTV camera for your home, and also the exciting feature is you can also shoot video from this camera that is video recording is also possible with this camera device.

Why Wyze Cam is best?

High-Resolution Image: Wyze Cam is loaded with 1080p Full HD (High Definition) image resolution because of this there are no low clear videos or low-quality videos and holds 2.88mm focal length and 110 degrees wide-angle with 1/2.9” CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensor so with all these specifications the camera is very clear and have a great video quality so when we need to identify something from the recordings so we can easily identify that person.

Zoom facility with clear video

There is an 8x zoom feature from which we can zoom in through the video or image and we can see a very clear image and objects that are present in the video we can say that even the smallest particles in the room can be seen clearly and it’s not blurred like other devices

Sharp Night Vision

In the daytime the video is clear but when its dark during night time then we face clarity issues but Wyze Cam is F2.0 aperture, an IR-CUT filter with four 850nn infrared LEDs that makes the camera clearer during night time and so we can get clear recordings and images.

Motion Detection 

When you are not at home and you have kept Wyze Cam on as your CCTV camera so you can view the live recording of your home from an afar distant place in your mobile device but this camera comes with an exciting and advanced feature that is motion detections. This will help you to detect any unusual movement in your house and will inform you about that moment so basically if any movement is there in your closed house then you will be informed with recording.

Smart Sound Recognition

Here this application will also recognize the sound and the smoke or some fire patterns in the house and will inform you immediately as there is such an outbreak in your house.

Two-Way Audio

An interesting feature of Wyze Cam is there are speaker and microphone inbuilt with this you can talk or you can listen there is no need of video call you can have communication with the person present at home this feature is very useful when you have kids at home and they are alone or some party where all friends are gathered.

With all these advanced features and good quality camera if you don’t have an android mobile phone or tablet then also you can use in your PC and both windows operating system and Mac operating system

Here there is no such official application of Wyze cam for PC but you can use it with the help of an android emulator.

There are many emulators available for PC you can use any.

Wyze Cam for PC 

  • First, we need to install the emulator so we will download the BlueStacks emulator
  • https://www.bluestacks.com/download.html
  • Need to create an account for BlueStacks and if you already have an account then you can directly login into BlueStacks
  • Then you need to download Wyze cam for PC but you need to download the APK file for the PC.
  • After you download the APK file then you need to run with BlueStacks emulator and it will automatically read the file and shortcut will be placed on your desktop and then you are ready to use this application and use the exciting features of the Wyze Cam application but you need to run it with BlueStacks emulator.

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