Dr Cleaner For Mac (Free Download)

Downloading an app from the App Store is the safest but whenever you download an app or a software from unknown websites or any unidentified developer there is a chance that those apps bring some viruses, Trojans or adwares with them.

Also the apps download from unknown sources might not get frequent updates and they might fail to open after some time. These apps sometimes make the whole system crash.


This is where you need an app like Dr Cleaner to free up some space on your hard disk and clean the Mac by removing junk files which are not useful.

With this app from Trend Micro Inc. ,you can keep track of how much memory is being taken up by the duplicate or junk files on your Mac and take actions according to it.

Dr cleaner for Mac is a simple, compact and convenient program that allows you to optimize your Mac with several tools and boosts its performance. It also enables you to manage the CPU of your machine and the network use.

Features of Dr Cleaner For Mac

This application helps you clean your disk by removing files which holds a lot of unnecessary space and it also comes with a System Monitoring feature which helps keep  your Mac optimized for its performance.

Dr cleaner comes with a lot of useful features including Junk File Cleaner, Duplicate File Finder, Big File Locator, File Shredder, quick disk clean from the status bar menu and more.

Scan your Mac with Dr Cleaner and it will give you a detailed list of all the junk, duplicate and large files. From those files you can select and remove the ones you don’t need anymore.

Dr Cleaner can clean up your mac in just one click optimization. It clears all the temporary catches, iTunes and iOS temporary files etc. However, protected files cannot be deleted.

One of the best things about Dr Cleaner is that you can select the size of files you want to scan. For example you can customize the size for 10MB or above to get information about the larger files.

Also there are filters for name, size, date and type of file you want to scan. The user can preview the duplicate files so that he can select which file he wants to keep or remove.

Along with files that are not useful or duplicate files, this app also identifies apps that use a significant amount of memory on your machine.

You might be unaware of this but there are apps running in the background of your Mac which takes up space and makes your Mac slower. Dr Cleaner will calculate and free up the space with a single click.

Dr Cleaner For Mac FAQs

  • How many languages does Dr Cleaner support?
    • It comes with 8 different languages which are ; English, French, Italian, Korean, German, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese.
    • All thanks to the volunteers at Trend Micro Inc for translating the Dr Cleaner app into these non English languages.
  • What is the smart uninstaller on Dr Cleaner?
    • Sometimes there are files which remain on your computer even after moving the app to Trash. To remove those files the smart uninstaller is there.
    • First you need to move the file to trash. Then Dr Cleaner will automatically scan the leftover files of that app and will notify you with a popup window.
    • Now, click on “Deeply Uninstall” button to remove the remaining files of that app. Once done, Dr Cleaner will indicate how much space is freed up on your Mac.
  • Is Dr Cleaner for Mac any good?
    • Dr Cleaner is considered to be the best disk space and memory cleaner for Mac on the App Store.


Dr cleaner is a free  all-in-one app which covers all the main aspects useful for a Mac user and the interface of this app is easy to use which makes it more convenient.

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