Download ES File Manager for PC [Windows and Mac]

If you are dealing with lots of files and programs and you need to keep all the files safe and in a well-structured format or in a systematic way then ES file manager for PC is a tool for you.

As today many sectors are being computerized so all the handwork and paperwork is shifted to computer files and data storage as it is very easy to manage and there are many advantages like reducing the use of paper, reduce man work, and many operations can be done with just one click, operations like searching, editing and processing huge data clusters and all this is done and stored in files as there are many files and we need to manage all of them so with the help of ES file manager it becomes very easy and systematic.

Files that are in PC and your android device both will be handled with ES file manager for windows this means that ES file manager is compatible with both PC (Both for windows operating system and Mac operating system) and Android devices (mobile phones).


ES File Manager App Download for PC (Windows 7, 8,10 and Mac)

We need to use the BlueStacks emulator to download ES file manager for pc

Steps to follow

  • First, you need to download BlueStacks for your PC.
  • Install emulator and after installing you need to launch it.
  • Click on My Apps button
  • You will see the search option and then there you need to search ES File Manager.
  • You need to have a google account to download it from google play store so log into your google account and download this application.
  • Install the application and then you are ready to use it.

ES File Manager for PC

There are lot more features of ES file manager for PC that makes an application more advance and magnificent

  • While using ES file manager users can also kill running applications that are currently running on PC.
  • There are options available for direct cloud storage through Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and many more.
  • This application is very much efficient intuitive.
  • There are options for searching files and folders as this feature will help search for files in the search box and also when our files are lost then it will be very useful to get our files back and while searching n search box each character is taken into consideration.
  • You can also rename files and all the operations like cut, copy, paste and you can select multiple files and folders to perform all these operations at the same time.
  • You can transfer and manage files with other devices also if the device is connected with the same WIFI and you can transfer through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) the most exciting feature is you can also transfer the file through Bluetooth with nearby devices.
  • There are built-in players and viewers in the ES file manager app and if in between work you need to check an image and how exactly it is looking so you can do it with the ES Image viewer, also if there is a video or certain clip then you can do it with ES Media Player and when you are working then you can also keep a note in ES note editor
  • When you want to use a file more than one time or frequently you are going to use a file then you can mark your file as a Favourite file and then you can access that file easily for all this you need to use the Favourite filter to mark your files Favourite.
  • You can compress and decompress files like GZ, ZIP, and 7G formats and also encryption and decryption of files using AES-256 which is very beneficial for security you can access and unpack RAR files but you cannot create RAR files.
  • When you are working with a file system then you need to improve your performance and speed so this application also provides a cache cleaner which allows you to clear cache data and when you exit this application it will automatically clear cache data.
  • The most important part backup and restore so after working with files you need to have a backup of file here in ES file manager you can create a backup of files as well as folders and we need to check that backup should be in Zip file and if we want then we can set password also for protection.

Working of ES File Manager for PC Windows

As mainly this tool works for files so the user can manage files which are very huge and difficult to manage as the volume of data is increased so it creates more confusion and difficult to manage so this application will manage your files not only file management but ES file manager has multiple benefits and or we can say multitasking.

  • If you are using a mobile phone and you want to access anything then not only you can access it but also you can share it.
  • Except for files if you want to upload any photo(multimedia) then ES file manager will help you to select a particular file in which you want to upload and then you can select that file and then you can post it online.
  • Rather than working with files and multimedia if you are off from the work and you are getting bored than you can watch different movies for entertainment and you can also manage your 3G connection easily with the ES file manager
  • When you are working with files and records, you will have many options and then you can select and options are very usual on laptops and PC, options like cut, copy, paste and create.
  • When you want to share files with others then you have an option to send files via email.
  • You can also decompress zip or RAR files and can access different extensions of files and different types of files

With all the above features the application is fully advanced and ready for multiple uses as the user (both android and PC).

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