Free ZIP Password Cracker for PC Windows

Zip files are the most used and one of most popular file extensions available. These files are easy to store as they use compressed data and reduce the size of the file.

Zip files are archived files that can be protected with a password. It is important to ensure that sensitive files are protected with a strong password. The bad part about stronger passwords is that they are harder to remember.

Most of the people tend to forget their passwords and in case you are one of those, the zip password cracker can help you out. You can use this free ZIP password recovery program to get access to your encrypted files. There is some paid softwares which can help you in recovering your password.

The best thing about this password cracker is that you don’t need any registration or payment. You just have to download and follow the instructions to retrieve your zip file password. This ZIP password cracker should only be used to recover your own password and not for any illegal purpose.


What is a zip password cracker ?

A zip password cracker is a software which helps you retrieve your zip file password. If you don’t remember or cannot recall all the characters in your password, that is when the zip password cracker comes into action.

How it works 

Most of the ZIP passwords contain different symbols, characters and numbers. More number of characters and longer passwords ensures more safety. Also, the password recovery depends on its length and complexity. 

The given version of this program is fully functional and doesn’t contain any spyware or adware which means this is totally safe to use.

Most of the zip password recovery programs use brute force and dictionaries to find out the possible combinations and give you a list of those possible passwords.

This free zip file password cracker also uses brute force attack to recover your password. This brute force attack involves trying different computer generated combinations at high speed until you recover your password.

In case you are wondering, this software  covers all the required files like ZIP X and WinZIP files. If this crashes for whatever reason, the search will begin from where it stopped.

The user friendly interface of this software lets you enter any information that you remember related to the last password. It can be the approximate length of the password, a specific character, numbers or symbols you used.This software has no length limits for passwords.

This software also allows you to crack a specific file in the ZIP as in some cases the files inside the zip are encrypted with their own unique passwords.

To do so, you have to select the format of the file you want to crack from the cracker’s file filter. By doing this the cracker will only crack the specified file format by ignoring other files. This will speed up the process and you will save more time.

Once your password is recovered, the cracker saves your recovered password in a txt file. Now you are just a click away from your password.

As mentioned earlier, long passwords take time to be cracked and by long time we mean that it can take hours. If you can’t sit and wait for it to complete you can enable auto shutdown. 

Auto shutdown is not anything complex, it just shuts your computer down when the cracker is finished cracking the password.

Free ZIP Password Cracker FAQs

  • Is it possible to crack a zip password?
    • Yes, it is possible with the help of a third party software you can get your password back. But it is impossible to unlock a zip file without a password.
  • What is the password for encrypted zip files ?
    • Zip files don’t have a universal password. If in some case you forgot the password, you can contact the company or the person from whom you have obtained those zip files. Also, you can use third party apps like ZIP password cracker to recover your password.
  • How do I encrypt a password protected zip file?
    • Follow the given steps to encrypt a password Protected zip files:
      • Open WinZip and go to the Actions pane then click on the Encrypt.
      • Drag and drop your files to the center pane.
      • A dialogue box will appear in which you have to enter a password of your choice and click “OK”.
      • GO to the Options tab in the Actions pane and select Encryption settings.
  • Is Passper for zip safe ?
    • Passper is a paid software which is known for its ability of recovering zip file passwords in no time. However, Passper cannot recover passwords from certain types of zip files like 7ZIP.


This ZIP file password cracker is one of the best open source programs to regain your password. It is the most effective and anyone can use it without a guide. 

The best part about this cracker is that anyone can download and use it for free. The user interface is simple and easy to get used-to. 

Files of a particular format can be selected from the zip for recovery of your password. The only disadvantage of this app is that it only works for zip files and might take time for more complex passwords.

You just have to click on the download button to get started. We have already checked our download link and it is safe for you. For your protection you must check it with an antivirus after being downloaded.

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