GCC Compiler for Mac (Free Download)

What is GCC compiler?

Before getting into GCC compiler you must know what a compiler is and what it does. A compiler is basically a translator which translates programming language to machine language.

GCC stands for GNU Compiler Collection which is a compiler for major programming languages. This compiler translates the coding language to machine language or binary language which is understood by the computer.

Initially, it only handled the C programming language but now his compiler works with most of the programming languages including C, C++, Objective C and Objective C++, Fortran, Ada, etc.

GCC is the most popular and commonly used compiler used in the development of free as well as proprietary apps as it uses a large variety of processor architecture. 

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GCC Compiler for Mac 

As we already know that the default compiler on mac is Clang and it only supports C, C++,Objective C and Objective C++ languages. This is why you need a GCC compiler which works with most of the major programming languages.

One more advantage of having a GCC compiler is that it provides you with an alternative compiler for C and C++. Having an alternative compiler is good as you can check your code with both the compilers.

Despite being one of the most popular compilers in the market, there is no official version of GCC available for mac till now. However, there are occasions when you need a C or GCC compiler to compile an open source project on your Mac OS X.

This is why we are providing you with the link from where you can download the latest GCC compiler version on your mac. 

I will be helping you in downloading this software on your mac. With a quick guide and by following a few simple steps you will be having your GCC compiler downloaded on your mac.

How to download GCC compiler on Mac?

We have created a special link from where you can install GCC compiler on your mac and run it without any issues.

Steps for downloading GCC compiler:

  1. Right click on the given link for the application.
  2. Now, click on download from the menu.
  3. Select the address where you want to download it.
  4. Once finished, find the downloaded file and install it on your mac.
  5. Run the application and start developing new applications.

And there you have it. The latest version of GCC compiler installed on your mac and ready to use. 

GCC Compiler for Mac FAQs

  • Does mac have GCC?
    • No, mac does not have gcc by default that is why we have created a download link for you to install GCC on your mac. The default compiler on mac is Clang which only works with limited coding languages.
  • How do I download GCC on mac?
    • There is no official application of GCC for mac. However, we have provided a link from where you can easily download and run GCC compiler on your mac.
  • How do I run a program in GCC compiler?
    1. Open the terminal and search for the terminal application.
    2. Use any text editor of your choice to type your source code.
    3. Type the command and compile it.(Correct the code in case of errors)
    4. Finally, execute the program.
  • Is GCC a cross compiler ?
    • Yes, GCC can be used for cross compiling as it is a free software collection of compilers that supports many languages and platforms.
  • What is the difference between g++ and GCC?
    • There is a minor difference between these two. Both g++ and GCC can compile any .c or .cpp files but the g++ will treat both the files as g++ files on the other hand GCC will treat .c files as C and .cpp as cpp respectively.


The GCC compiler is compatible with all the latest versions of mac OS. It is one of the best in its category and will enable you to accurately compile your source code into binary.

Once you have downloaded the compiler, make sure to test it out with some basic programmes. We are sure it will work just as you expect it to.

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