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iCloud Unlock Tool Free Download: There is a possibility that you might forget your iCloud password, your phone is lost or stolen, your phone gets locked, and restricts you from using some of its features.

Or if you have bought a second-hand iPhone and the previous owner forgot to log out their iCloud id then it is a big problem.

However, there is a free solution to all of these issues which we will be sharing with you. There are many programs available for this purpose but the iCloud remover advance unlock tool free is the best one that helps you in removing an iCloud account from your device.


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How to download iCloud Unlock Tool Free

iCloud Unlock Tool for PC or iCloud remover advance unlock tool free is a free software for removing any iCloud id from your iPhone. You can also disable ‘Find my iPhone’.

Problems like the notification of ‘No Network Signal’ are fixed with this program and you can also update your iPhone without getting locked.

This iCloud Bypass and Removal Tool is free software and is available in English. It can be installed on any Windows PC.

You can download it by just clicking on the Download button given.

What is iCloud?

Launched in October 2011, iCloud is the cloud storage and computing service provided by Apple Inc. It has nearly 850 million users across the globe according to a 2018 estimate.

You can store your photos, videos, contacts, files, notes, and much more in iCloud. It is a secure and most efficient way to store the data which you can access anytime.

iCloud provides you with 5GB of free storage initially which can be increased later on according to the user’s requirement.

If you buy a new iPhone you can just log in with your iCloud account and get all your data back that you previously stored on iCloud. Also, you can have the same data on multiple Apple devices at a time.

For example, you can upload any music, document, or images from your Mac and access them from any other Apple devices like iPad or iPhone.

Even if your iPhone or any other Apple device is stolen with all of your data, you can still get it back if you have backed up your device.

You can back up your device on your Mac or Windows PC with the help of iTunes or you can wirelessly share photos, videos, apps, and much more with Airdrop wireless.

Now that you know what exactly iCloud is used for and how helpful it is to keep your data secure, we shall now proceed to the ‘iCloud unlock tool’.

iCloud Remover Advance Unlock Tool Alternatives

  • iCloud remover tool
    • With the help of this program you can access all the features of your iCloud again and data from other locked phones can also be retrieved.
    • This software application is more like a troubleshooter because it does not allow you to take away all the functionality of iCloud on your iPhone.
    • However, it is capable of unlocking a phone which is locked because of iCloud. It disables some functionality of iCloud just like you can disable some of the functions of iCloud from the settings.
  • iCloud Remover
    • The Apple iCloud lets you store all of your data including photos, videos, documents, and much more. The iCloud Remover unlocks the phone using the IMEI number and the user will receive an activation code for the phone to use beyond its limits.
    • The kit is really simple and installs effortlessly. Beginners also won’t have any trouble using this software. This program can easily run on Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit both. It comes with a free trial if you are not sure of using it.

Free iCloud Unlock Tool FAQs

  • Is there a way to get the iCloud lock off?
    • Yes, you have to sign in to your iCloud with your apple id, then go to ‘Find my iPhone’. Click on the All Devices option and select the one you want to remove from iCloud.
  • How can I unlock my iCloud account?
    • If you are getting trouble in logging in you can just go to iforgot.apple.com then you will be able to unlock your account or change the password.
  • Does factory reset remove iCloud?
    • No, the factory reset will not remove your iCloud. When you’ll set up your iPhone you can reconnect to your iCloud account.
  • Does reset all settings on iPhone delete everything?
    • Yes, excluding the factory setting all your personal data will be erased from your iPhone.


All of the above mentioned unlock tools are fast, efficient, and easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

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