Musically For PC (Windows 7,8,10 and Mac)

Musically for PC is a video-making application launched in 2014 which lets you create HD videos on your device. More and more people across the globe are using musically for pc to show their singing, dancing, and acting skills.

Dubbing on your favorite songs is now made simple by this app. You can select any song of your choice and can lip-sync and record it.

This app also allows you to save your videos which you can edit later. You can add different filters and effects on your videos to make them more attractive and enjoyable. Also, you can add slow moments, fast moments, reverse, and many more customizations. This app provides you with the best quality of audio that matches your video quality.

You can also edit any of your old videos or photos by adding music to it or adding after effects provided in the app. Musically also allows you to share your video clips with your friends or on your social media accounts.

Musically lets you present your art in the shortest amount of time. You can create videos of 15 seconds with the hottest track available. Since it’s launch in 2014 it is available for free in 19 countries in the iOS app store.

Musically also helps you to collaborate with other community members and make duets and even upload your own music to let other community members use it in their videos.


How to Download Musically for PC 

  1. Download Bluestacks to your PC and install it.
  2. Open Google Play on Bluestacks and search for “Musically for PC”.
  3. Click download and wait for the app to download.
  4. Click install and save the app.
  5. You can open your Musically PC whenever you need it from your Bluestacks.

What is Musically About?

 As the name suggests, musically is a kind of a social network where you can find a broad range of user-created videos. Users of musically are called “musers” which is an abbreviation of “musically users”.

People create videos of themselves dancing, singing, or lip-syncing. However, not every video is related to music.

There are contests and challenges where you have to make your own video on a given particular song and a theme. Then you need to upload your video and tag it with a ‘hashtag’ so that your video reaches out to the maximum people of the community.

People can like, comment, and share your video if you have published it publically. Other users can also edit your videos so all the users can access and remix your work.

What can you do on Musically on PC?

  1. Record, save, and upload your own videos.
  2. Use hands-free recording.
  3. Discover new artists and music from search.
  4. Upload your own original music for other users to use it.
  5. Share videos on your other social media accounts to get your videos more noticed.
  6. Make duets to interact with other users.

How To Get Featured on Musically For PC?

If you put in the effort and make an outstanding video there is a possibility of getting featured. However, it is not easy to have the best video. Creativity and originality are a must moreover the video has to be entertaining.

Make sure to record the video in high resolutions and also use different effects and filters slow, fast, and timelapse mode offered by the app to create an appealing video.

Also adding some of the trending hashtags will make your video reach a wider audience.

Musically & Other Social Networks

Musically For PC offers different sharing tools that make it easy for you to share your videos on other social media platforms. For example, there are more than 1,000,000 hashtags on Instagram related to musically; around 22,600,000 results are there on YouTube related to musically videos.

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