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Taking notes is the easiest and simplest way to record your information. Nowadays, digital notes are getting more attention as they are secure and easy to use. There are many software and apps available for collecting your ideas.

With the Notability For Windows, you are able to take notes anywhere and anytime without worrying about not having a pen or paper in your hand.

Taking notes digitally is far more secure and easy to find whenever you need it unlike the notes written in a notebook or on rough pages.

In the case of digital notes, you can just search and find them but if you have written it on a notebook then you might be wasting more time in finding those notes. Also, paper notes are easy to lose.

Notability app not only lets you type a note but also allows you to write notes with a freehand pen.

It also has many other features that let the user write, customize the text, add images, drawings, handwriting, recordings, and provides many more editing options.

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The notability app for PC is created by Apple and designed especially for Apple products and the app store. This app is supported on iPhone, iPad, and Mac for easy note-making.

However, Notability is not free to download for any Apple product. For an iPhone, it costs $4.99 and for a Mac, the pricing is $9.99 respectively.

Today we will be discussing how you can take advantage of all the high-end features of Notability on your Windows PC.


How to download Notability For Windows PC

As mentioned earlier, Notability is created by Apple for its products and it is not officially available for any other Operating system.

But it can be downloaded on your Windows computer through an iOS emulator that is compatible with your machine.

You just have to download the emulator from any of the web browsers of your choice and then download the application from the emulator.

The best iOS emulator is iPadian which has a whole bunch of applications and it also adds new apps as per user recommendations.

By following the below steps you will be able to download and use Notability on your Windows computer.

Steps for downloading Notability app on a windows computer

  1. Download the iPadian emulator from a browser.
  2. Go to your ‘downloads’ file and install an iPadian on your PC. Make sure to accept all the terms and conditions.
  3. Once the emulator is installed you can download any iOS app on your machine.
  4. Open the emulator by double-clicking on it and then click on the search bar.
  5. Search for ‘Notability’ and download the app from there.
  6. Wait for it to be installed and after completion goes to the app drawer page, open the Notability app and you are good to go.

What is the Notability For PC?

Notability is a really amazing app that lets you keep your thoughts and ideas stored in one place and helps you to keep your notes or records organized which you can easily access anywhere and anytime you want.

Notability is one of the most simple and feature-rich apps that lets you take notes about your work/school/college or you can make a list of groceries and households that you are going to buy for your house.

You can store information in the form of audio recordings, texts, freehand writing, PDF files, photos, etc. Adding colors to the text or the background or changing the font style and size that makes the notes look more attractive and eye-catching.

One more fascinating feature about this app is that once you are done with note-making you can share it with your friends and family to get their opinion. Also, you can share your records on cloud storage devices and through emails.

Main Features of Notability For Windows

Listing some of the most important and useful features of Notability application which helps you create notes and customize them.

  • Easy to take notes
    • The freehand pen allows you to take notes smoothly and effortlessly along with the close-up writing feature.
    • While typing, the Notability app will automatically scroll the page for you so you can continue typing.
    • If you are not willing to type or you don’t have enough time for writing then you can also record voice notes.
  • Conversion into typed text
    • If you don’t have enough time to write a clear note or you have bad handwriting then Notability can convert your hand-written note into typed text.
    • Converting into typed text is useful as another person might not understand your handwritten notes.
  • Different paper styles and colors
    • Different paper textures and formats will help you in creating a more appealing and attractive note.
    • If you are drawing something then a blank sheet will be a great choice and for math or science work a graph paper is also available.
  • Add different elements
    • One of the top features of Notability is that you can add different elements to your note for more perfection. You can freely sketch or draw some designs for enhancing the looks of the note.
    • This feature is amazing for both students and office employees as you can add pictures, recorded audios, gifs, drawings, etc.
    • The size and style of the text can be changed along with the font style, background color, text color for any school project, or an office presentation.
  • Add and annotate PDF
    • You can import, open, edit and also highlight main sections from the PDFs received from your office or from your school or college.
    • Along with highlights, you can also add some of your thoughts or extra comments to the PDF just by scribbling.
  • Sharing and Cloud storage
    • After creating, editing, and doing all the work for making your notes presentable you can also share it with your friends and family to get their feedback.
    • After preparing your notes you can save them in form of PDF, RTF, etc, and also upload them to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and more.

 Notability For PC FAQs 

  • Is there a Notability app for Windows?
    • Notability app is created by Apple and it is not officially available for Windows but you can get the app through an iOS emulator.
  • Is the Notability app free?
    • You can buy the Notability app for $9.99 which is a one-time fee. After that you can take advantage of all it’s features for free.
  • Can you print off notability?
    • Yes, you can print any of the desired documents and also move a file in or out from notability.
  • Do you need wifi for Notability?
    • Notability only requires wifi when downloaded and for sharing or backing up any document. Other than that you can use the application without the internet.


Notability is one of the top-ranked note-taking apps you can find with all the important features like a freehand pen, easy cloud storage, and much more.

Install Notability and get a chance to explore a whole new digital note-taking experience.

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