Paint.NET For Mac (Free Download)

Paint.NET for Mac is an extremely powerful free image editing software with an organized user interface and lots of amazingly useful features. The interface of this application is somewhat similar to that of Adobe Photoshop.

So, if you have ever used Adobe Photoshop then it will be easy for you to get comfortable with Paint.NET really quickly. However, it is even better than its other competitors.  

Initially, it was started as a college senior design project under Microsoft but currently, it is developed and maintained by Rick Brewster.

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This app is capable of doing high-level professional editing and you can also give your project some basic retouches or you can make some simple changes to make it look more appealing.

You can download Paint.NET from the link given here. 


Features of Paint.NET For Mac

Along with the simple and user-friendly interface, there are many other features that make this app stand out. Paint.NET for mac is a perfect choice for photographers as well as professional photo editors. 

Just like a typical photo editing app the brushes, magnifier, color panel, crop frame, and other basic features are on the left side of the working window.

On the right-hand side, you get the layers of the photo you are editing and the history of editing in a separate window. 

This photo editing software is capable of opening multiple images simultaneously by using a tabbed document interface similar to that of a web browser.

This app shows you a sort of preview of how your image will look after completion. Other apps just give you descriptive texts.

In the ‘Adjustments’ menu, you get all the required image editing functions including hue/saturation and curve. You can also undo any of the changes made to your photo.

If you want to make changes to any of the steps of editing, you can easily select that layer and retouch it until it matches your expectations.

Paint.NET For Mac FAQs

  • Is there any license needed to use Paint.NET commercially?
    • Yes, Paint.NET is a free application for personal use as mentioned in its terms and conditions. But for the commercial or business purpose you need to have a license for which you can contact the company and buy it from them.
  • Does Paint.NET have viruses?
    • No, Paint.NET is completely free from viruses.
  • Is Paint.NET safe?
    • Paint.NET is free software but you can also buy the commercial license from the website. It is safe for your computer if you download it from its official website.
  • Who made Pain.NET?
    • Paint.Net is made by Rick Brewster but it was initially started as a college project backed by Microsoft. It was intended to be a free replacement for Microsoft Paint.


Bring life to your ideas and thoughts with Paint.NET and add a professional touch to it with the special features of this application.

Add extra features including different effects, adjustments, new brushes, and other features for great editing in Paint.NET with different plugins. 

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