Pixel Gun 3D for PC (Free Download)

Pixel Gun 3D for PC is amongst some of the best multiplayer shooting games you can find. You can enjoy this free to play game with your school buddies, colleagues or any random player.

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or a pro, this game is perfect for all. It is free to download and play for both the operating systems including OS, Android and Windows along with in-app purchases.


The most exciting thing about this game is that you can customise your character with different skins available and show it to your fellow players. Also, the cubic world in which your character is residing can also be customised to your will. 

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Features of Pixel Gun 3D 

There are two main modes which are, single player survival mode and multiplayer missions.

Both of which are very challenging and will test your survival skills also the fights in both modes will be intense and tough. 

You can transform your own terrain in this 3D cubic world with this game. Building a strong cube world is what will protect you and will keep you safe. 

This game allows you to create fortresses and castles with simple building blocks which will help you as a defensive wall against your opponents.

Single player survival mode will help you in improving your survival and defence skills. 

Discover new depths of magical worlds with different shapes and sizes. Explore unique online maps which suit your gameplay.

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Game modes 

  • Multiplayer modes
    1. Death match
    2. Point capture
    3. Team fight
    4. Block crash
    5. Duel
    6. Team strike
    7. Co-op survival
    8. Flag capture
    9. Deadly games
  • Single player mode 
    1. Survival
    2. Arena
    3. Mini games

Some of the best features are listed below:

  1. Improves your creativity and building skills.
  2. Challenging modes for hardcore gamers.
  3. Multiplayer option for more exciting gameplays.
  4. Earn virtual coins by completing different tasks in different modes of this game.
  5. Create a team of upto 8 players in a single game. 
  6. Interact with other players through chatting. 
  7. Challenge your friends in the ‘local’ mode.
  8. Select from the given characters to play the game from a different perspective.

Features of Pixel Gun 3D in PC version

Apart from the basic common features mentioned above there are other updates which will engage the players more. These exciting features for the gaming enthusiast are listed below.

  1. Graphic quality is greatly improved.
  2. More difficult and challenging gameplay than before.
  3. More songs are added for better gaming experience.
  4. Online training camps for the beginners.
  5. Now, you can create your own skin and use it in the game.
  6. Campaign mode which adds more features for the players.
  7. Maps in the game now comes with extra seed and extended forests.

How to download Pixel Gun 3D on PC 

As we already mentioned that this game is available for iPhones and Androids. Unfortunately this game is not officially available for the player to play it on a Mac or a PC. 

However, it is not impossible. You can still run Pixel Gun 3D on your PC by following the given easy steps.

As there is no official app, you have to use an Android emulator for that.

  • Download Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC from the given link.
  • Double click on it and install it on your PC. 
  • This will help you run an virtual Android smartphone on your computer screen. 
  • Login with your email and password just like you would on your smartphone.
  • Open the App store from the app drawer and search ‘Pixel Gun 3D’.
  • Once you find the game, download and install it.
  • It will be installed in the app drawer of the Bluestacks app.
  • Now, locate it from the app drawer and you can enjoy the game.

Bluestacks is one of the best Android emulators available and this is the easiest way to download and run Pixel Gun 3D on your PC. 

How to Play Pixel Gun 3D on PC ? 

Like any other game you play on your PC, this game will also be requiring a keyboard and mouse.

The below given points will be showing you, which keys are mapped for which use or movement.

  1. For moving the character the arrow keys will be used.
  2. Enter key is for firing.
  3. Spacebar is for jumping the character.
  4. For running, press the shift key.
  5. E key will be used for opening the inventory. 
  6. To pick up items, you have to press the F key.

These are the default settings which you can change according to your comfort. You can remap the buttons for their use from the Game menu.

Pixel Gun 3D for PC FAQs

  • Is Pixel Gun 3D pay to win ?
    • Yes, it is actually pay to win. However, most of the players don’t spend a single penny on the game.
  • Does Pixel Gun 3D cost money?
    • It is a free fps game inspired by Minecraft. It is a really good shooting game.
  • Is Pixel Gun 3D good?
    • Yes, it is indeed a really engaging and challenging game. It is mainly for kids, however, it is suitable for everyone.
  • Which is the best sniper in Pixel Gun 3D ?
    • Impulse sniper rifle is the best sniper in Pixel Gun 3D but guns like Hunger Bow, Magic bow, Elephant hunter and Prototype are also some snipers you can find in the game.


Pixel Gun 3D is one of the best shooting games you can find. If you are a Minecraft fan then you should definitely try this game as it is inspired by Minecraft. 

Play Pixel Gun 3D on your PC with the help of Bluestacks emulator. Playing it on a big screen makes it more enjoyable and fun.

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