SmartNews For PC Windows and Mac

SmartNews for PC is a news app.

“Silent way of acquiring information” with the minimum time you got, get the best possible updates with just a few clicks. With the habit of reading, again with the increased reading speed with time, you can reach out to the maximum news with just a few minutes. Reading enhances memory power and so it stays in your mind for a long period of time. Reading also enhances understanding and intellectual thinking. Reading is being done by all age groups so this application provides a convenient way for reading news.


As generations are getting smarter and digitalized, the current requirement for people saves time and do more work so with this consideration to stay connected with the world and to get the latest news updates faster and easier smartnews will give deliver you the latest news and top trending headlines over the world

It is very easy to use and also it will provide news from various sectors or categories but if you want selected news of your interest or selected category news then you can customize your news topics.

Smartnews for pc works with top-grade news sites like The Huffington Post, USA Today, TechCrunch, Reuters, the Verge, and many other sites but if you are more selective for your news then you can add other channels you like, the application will allow to keep them on your daily news.

The main advantage of this application is you can have your news or stay updated without an internet connection that is if you are offline then also you can receive news updates and also the application responds faster so that you can read the story without an internet connection and if there are some updates and you are not connected to WIFI or internet then you can flip and click and very easy to use also this application is very user-friendly and without much ads like other news channel applications.

Why SmartNews for PC is an important application?

When you spend more time on PC like when you are working in an office or there are many sectors like banks, co-operate offices there you are not allowed to use the phone much so with this application you can get the latest news on PC and stay updated. That’s why you need this application.

This application covers global news headlines and from trusted sources so that its users can get true and helpful information also it is an algorithm that automatically selects the must-read stories that matter you and keeps most trending news on top so that you can get the latest trending news from different parts of the world.

The best advantage of this application is when we are traveling then there are some areas or places where a network connection is weak there also, we can read the news or use this application as it provides offline reading also.

This application is unique as it has zero loading time because of special SmartView technology as now no more waiting-articles pop up instantly

How to Download SmartNews For PC

  • First, download the BlueStacks emulator from this link
  • Then on BlueStacks homepage, go to play store and search “SmartNews for PC”.
  • Click on download
  • After downloading, install the application to your BlueStacks emulator.


If you want to read the news on your PC, Smartnews is the only app you need.

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