Soundflower for Mac (Free Download)

Soundflower is an OS X system kernel in extension that allows audio to pass from one application to another application. It is open source and easy to handle software for all the users.

Soundflower for Mac is user friendly and presents itself as an audio device. It allows any other applications to send and receive audio without any external support.

Cycling’74 developed Soundflower initially and it is still managed by them. Matt Ingalls was the original author of this software application. This software works on Mac intel and PPC computers.

It is designed to create a virtual audio output device which is also able to work as an input device. 

Does Soundflower still work on Mac ?


Since the Mac audio architecture has changed and evolved in the past few years, Soundflower faced some difficulties in keeping up with the Mac audio.

However, the good news is that Soundflower still works on Mac. Apple just wants you to take some security steps during the installation process. 

Downloading and installing Soundflower 

You can download the Soundflower from here. Soundflower will ask you for an admin password once you run the installer. The password might fail depending on which mac you are using.

This is because kernel extensions need permission to load for the first time on latest Mac OS versions. The error will be occurring on MAC OS High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina.

You can avoid this error by permitting the Soundflower to open on your Mac. You just have to go to the Privacy and Security settings click on the allow button for Soundflower.

Run the installer after the above mentioned process and this time you’ll be good to go. 

Installing Soundflower on your Mac might seem to be a tedious task, also you don’t get any instructions or any guide to start with the app. 

We searched and found solutions to the problems ourselves which cannot be solved in any other ways as there is no tutorial on how to use this app.

The Soundflower software works with low latency and CPU usage which enables the client application to use its usual buffer size. Your computer’s performance is not negatively impacted with this.

What does Soundflower do? 

There are many instances where you will feel a need to use Soundflower as it is one of the best softwares which can help you channel audio between applications.

For example, if you are on an online meeting on Skype or Google Meet and you want to record the audio from both sides in high clearity you can use the Soundflower software.

Soundflower also enables the users to record sounds produced by their Macs and also audio from the outside sources which might be connected to your Mac via USB or sound input ports.

Soundflower works as a 2 core audio device for 2ch and 64 ch. For the regular users, 2ch is sufficient for their use. On the other hand the 64ch channel device helps channel audio from two different applications simultaneously. 

Keep in mind that both of those applications must support audio routing to any channel. 

How to begin with Soundflower ? 

Open Soundflower, go to the sound panel which will be in the system preferences. Soundflower will be listed in both input and output tabs. Select the output tab Soundflower(2ch).

Once you’re done, any audio coming out of your Mac will be channeled through Soundflower. But, this will also capture audio from different notifications or alerts.

Not only the notifications and alerts, it will also capture the volume of your Mac and also the change in volume. 

Soundflower for Mac FAQs

  • Does Soundflower work on Mac ?
    • Yes, Soundflower is designed as a virtual audio output device. However, it can also be used as an audio input device. It is an open source kernel extension specifically for Mac.
  • Who made Soundflower?
    • Initially it was managed by Cycling 74 but now it is in the hands of Matt Ingals, the developer of this software.
  • Does Soundflower work with Mojave ?
    • Yes but there are some complications as the kernal extensions need to have a permission before they are loaded on your Mac for the first time. Therefore, Soundflower will show an error on Mac OS High Sierra and Mojave.


Undoubtedly Soundflower is one of the best and lightweight Mac OS virtual audio software which you can download for free. Re-routing audio from music players to audio editors is made easy by Soundflower without a support from any external hardware. 

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