Superlive Plus For PC (Free Download) Windows and Mac

Superlive Plus For PC application mainly supports IP cameras for CCTV surveillance purposes on both the platforms that is windows platform and Android platform and this application allows you to connect to any network which is enabled by the camera using the IP (Internet Protocol) address to this application.

This application will allow the owner to connect with the camera and can see the recordings and feeds from any part of the world there are no such location restrictions for the owner to view feeds.

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You can watch any recordings or footage of any time you just need to scroll in the timeline and watch only the specific parts in which you are interested you don’t need to watch the whole footage but there are many features which will help you to watch the footage at a particular time and with zoom facility. SuperLive Plus For PC is having an amazing feature known as PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera control.


This camera allows you to zoom in and zoom out and also you can tilt your camera directions for better view here this application is highly recommended as it gives freedom to do many tasks as per the user’s choice.

The unique feature of this application is that it allows to communicate with the other people like family members and office staff also there are notifications pushed on your device so that you can know when there is something wrong.

Here SuperLive Plus is using a P2P (Peer to Peer) connection as this connection gives equal permissions to all the devices connected and also responsibilities will be equal for processing the data so that it always gives clear feeds and there is also a video player which enables all the options of playback and other options too.

SuperLive Plus is available for both Android and iOS platforms for android it is available on the google play store and for iOS, it is available on the app store.

You can also use on your PC using an android emulator like BlueStacks and for this application, we recommend that your internet connection should be stable as with a stable connection this application runs very smoothly and without any hindrance.

Steps to download and use SuperLive Plus For PC

  • The first and important step is to download the BlueStacks Android emulator
  • You need to download it from the official website
  • Now once you have completed the downloading and installation process you need to sign in or log in to your google account so that you can access your google account so use the google play store.
  • Now go to the google play store and search for SuperLive Plus.
  • There will be many versions of SuperLive Plus you need to download the best and the suitable version for your PC
  • Download and install the application
  • You need to click on SuperLive Plus and then it will launch automatically
  • Fill in all the required details asked.

Superlive Plus For PC FAQs

  • What is the process for downloading SuperLive Plus for Mac?
    • You need to follow the same process you need to download and install BlueStacks android emulator and then from the google play store you can download SuperLive Plus
  • Is the interface the same as with a mobile application?
    • Yes, there is no such different interface for mobile and PC and we have the same for windows and Mac
  • How is the camera quality and can we zoom-in and zoom-out?
    • Camera quality is very good you can zoom-in and zoom-out you can also set your playing time and speed as you want and can set timing accordingly.

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