Swiff Player For Mac (Free Download)

You must have heard about ShockWave Files or (SWF) if you are into graphics or multimedia content. SWF files can be seen anywhere online as these are most common in games or other graphic based apps.

These files are generally seen in web videos, flash movies, graphical work in an application, or other web content. In simple terms, an SWF file is a form of Adobe Flash file which contains different kinds of vector animations.

If you ever come across an SWF file and you need to access or open that particular file then you need to have a Flash Movie player. One of the best and free applications is Swiff Player For Mac by GlobFX Technologies which enables you to open any type of Flash Movie File on your computer.

Sadly there is no Swiff Player version developed or introduced by GlobFX Technologies for any Mac computer. However, tons of other similar options are available for you to play Flash videos on your Mac.

We will be showing you some of the easiest ways of playing flash files or SWF files on your Mac. You can try out any of them as per your personal preference.


How to play or view SWF files with Swiff Player For Mac

One of the most popular media players is VLC, so you might already be familiar with it. VLC will allow you to open SWF files just like any other movie or video.

  1. Download VLC if you don’t have it on your Mac.
  2. Now, open the VLC player and drop the SWF file into the VLC app.
  3. If you want to play multiple files you can drag and drop them into the VLC playlist.
  4. Other than SWF files VLC also supports FLV files.

VLC supports and allows you to play all sorts of videos or files. This media player is the one perfect to have on your Computer.

Play or view SWF files on your Mac with Browser

For viewing your SWF file on a browser you need to have a Flash Player Plugin installed on your Mac. If you don’t already have it you can install and enable it on your web browser.

You can view or open your SWF file anytime just by dragging it into the SWF player running on your browser.

If you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your Chrome, Firefox, or Opera web browser you can easily play SWF files. Installing a Flash player on safari is not recommended.

Flash player is not pre-installed in most of the browsers now but most of the older versions of web browsers have built-in flash players or they provide it as an option.

Older versions of chrome come with a pre-installed Flash player which can be turned off. The newer version on the other hand you need to enable it in order for the flash player to work.

Elmedia Player

As mentioned earlier, no official version of Swiff Players available for Mac hence we need to have some other application replacing the Swiff Player to run SWF files on Mac.

Elmedia is considered to be the best alternative of the Swiff Player as it is a free application and has many options and controls for great user experience.

Elmedia application allows you to watch your Flash movies in full-screen mode so you don’t get distracted with any other messages or notifications.

Play SWF on Mac with Elmedia

  1. You can download and install this SWF player on your Mac from the given link.
  2. Open the app, drag and drop the SWF file on the doc icon which you want to open.
  3. Select ‘File’ on the SWF player and then click on ‘Open’.
  4. Right-click the animation or the flash movie and click on ‘Open with’ then select Elmedia player.

Now that you followed these basic steps you can easily play any other video file formats or movies on Elmedia player for free.

The pro version of this software application allows you to access more of its features. You can download your favorite video from the internet on your Mac.

Swiff Player For Mac FAQs

  • How to play SWF files on Mac?
    • First, download the VLC media player on your Mac and open it. Drag and drop the file you want to play on the VLC application. Then simply open and play the SWF file.
  • Can VLC convert SWF to mp4?
    • Yes, this open-source media player enables you to convert files in different formats. It can easily convert the SWF file into mp3.
  • How to open an SWF file in Chrome?
    • Just right click on the SWF file and then click on ‘Open with’ and select Chrome to open the SWF file on Chrome.
  • How to open an SWF file on Safari?
    • You need to have the Adobe Flash Player plugin for opening an SWF file on Safari. Open the ‘Preferences’ menu in the Safari browser. Click on Websites and find the plug-ins option. In plug-ins, you will find Adobe Flash Player, check on the checkbox given in front of it.


Although the Swiff Player is not developed for Mac we have presented you with some of the best alternatives with even more features than the Swiff Player For Mac.

Now you can open or view your flash movies or SWF multimedia files easily on your Mac. Also, you can convert your SWF files with these software applications.

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