Win32 Disk Imager For Mac (Free Download)

Developed by ImageWriter Developers the Win32 Disk Imager For Mac is a software application that enables the user to create or restore the backup. You can write boot images to a USB or SD Flash Device to make it bootable.

This program can be used for restoring images from removable drives. Writing an ISO image to USB is also possible with Win32Disk which is really valuable right now.

This software application is currently available for Windows 7/8.1/10 and it will also be available for windows server of the year 2008/2012/2016. If you are using Windows Vista then version 0.9 of this utility will work for you.

However, this open-source application is not yet available for Macintosh computers but there are other similar software applications you can find which serve you with the same purpose.

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We have listed below some of the best alternatives for Win32 Disk imager that can help you store your data safely and also restore it anytime.


Etcher – The Win32 Disk Imager For Mac

One closest alternative for Win32 Disk imager is Etcher. It was published by Apache Software Foundation in January 2004. It is available for Mac,

OS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

This cross-platform will work for everyone as it is simple to install and use. The user interface of this software is not so complicated and makes it easy to work with.

The default GUI application like Disk Utility is probably not the go-to the application if you want to burn a .img image to an SD card from a Mac.

However, there are plenty of third-party apps that make this process easy and simple. One of those apps is Etcher, it is an open-source program made with JS, node.js, HTML.

For most of the Mac users who are setting up RaspberryPi or other Linux distribution, writing images to the SD card will be really useful.

Other than just writing .img files to an SD card, Etcher is also used for burning multiple file-formats which includes, .dmg, .zip, .etch, .gz, .bz2, .raw and many more.

How to write .img file to SD card on Mac with Etcher

Follow the below-given steps to easily write a .img file to an SD card with Etcher.

  1. Download Etcher from its official website.
  2. Now, drag and drop Etcher into the ‘Applications’ folder and launch it.
  3. Now, click on the ‘select image’ to choose the image to write to the SD card.
  4. Now select the Drive and choose the SD card in which you want to write the image.
  5. Now press ‘Flash’ to start the process.

Now, you just need to wait a bit as this process might take a while depending on both the card speed and the image size.

Once the process is finished you will be notified from the Etcher application about the completion.

Now you can pull out the SD card and it is ready to boot or for whatever project you were using it for.

Win32 Disk Imager For Mac FAQs

  • How do I copy from the SD card to Mac?
    • Insert your SD card on the card receiver on the right-hand side of your Mac. Open Utilities from the ‘Applications’ folder then click on ‘Disk Utility’. Now, select your SD card and click on New Image. Give a name to your backup then save it to a designated place on your Mac.
  • How to create a bootable SD card for Mac?
    • Insert your SD card or the USB then open Disk Utility following the steps given above. Select the USB or the SD card then click on Erase. Now, from the drop-down menu, select MS-DOS FAT. Open the terminal and go to the folder where the image is located.


Even though Win32 Disk Imager is not currently developed for Mac you can still use the above-mentioned alternatives which do the same work for you.

Win32 Disk imager is only available for Windows operating systems and is compatible with all of its versions. Only for Windows Vistas, you need to have version 9 of this software.

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