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If you are an app developer and want to create apps for the app store, Xcode for Windows will help you even if you don’t have a Mac computer.

This integrated development environment named Xcode is created by Apple that allows you to develop applications for the Apple store.

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Applications for macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and iOS can be created with the help of Xcode on a Mac.


List of Xcode For Windows

1. XcodeClub

If you are looking for a cloud mac service that has great support and also is fast and efficient, then the best option is to go with XcodeClub which is available with 6GB and 8GB options.

XcodeClub is the best mac rental service from which you can compile, codesign, debug any of your developed apps, and upload them to the app store.

XcodeClubis a platform that helps you to create, test, and publish apps on the app store without having a Mac.

The cost of 6GB RAM is $45 per month whereas the 8GB RAM will cost you $60 per month on your virtual machine.

2. MacInCloud

MacInCloud is one of the best Mac solution providers you can access from anywhere with an internet connection that is recognized globally.

With all its servers connected to a 1Gbps network, this Mac Mini package’s networking and hardware are maintained by a team of engineers.

You are able to cancel any of the packages without any long term commitments with any time cancellation from the ‘subscription management link’.

One other option is to contact them through email which is [email protected]. Your name, username, and Mac server name also has to be added for the cancellation of your plan.

3. MacStadium

With a 24 hours free trial, MacStadium is the most reliable and recognized Mac service provider.

MacStadium is trusted by many iOS app developers, DevOps, and mobile testing teams across the globe.

If for some reason you decide to leave MacStadium you have to follow some simple steps to cancel your subscription.

  • Go through your customer dashboard.
  • Open details and then click on ‘Actions’ for a dropdown list.
  • Click on cancel and your subscription is canceled.

4. VirtualBox

As the name suggests, VirtualBox is a virtualizer which allows you to run any operating system on your machine. In his case, running macOS on Windows or Linux.

VirtualBox is free to download and use and also it is the only Open-source software that is professionally used.

In this feature-rich virtualizer, a variety of guest operating systems are supported and it can run on Windows, Linux, Mac, or Solaris operating systems.

5. VMWare Workstation

Just like any other virtualizer, VMWare allows you to run hundreds of virtual machines on your Linux or Windows PC.

Professional app developers who build, test, and publish apps rely on this workstation. However, it is not a free virtualizer like VirtualBox.

With all the essential features for IT professionals and app developers, this workstation also has different privacy settings for the second desktop you run on your PC.

6. React Native

Developed by the most recognized, Facebook, Inc. React Native is an open-source platform for developing iOS or Android apps.

You can create an app literally from scratch as this platform offers you a built-in Javascript library.

7. Xamarin

Xamarin is an open-source platform that helps the users to develop an app for different operating systems like Windows, Android, or iOS.

App development is made easy with all the tools and programming language that comes along with this software.

It has over 60 thousand contributors from about 3700 different companies across the globe.

8. Appcelerator

Creating a native mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows UWP is made easy by this open-source framework, Appcelerator.

The indie version is free with app builder CLI and studio IDE, one-month history for user analytics and community support.

However, you can also buy the PRO version of it costing $199 annually which serves multi-seat collaborations, 3-month history for user analytics, premium app modules, and much more.

9. PhoneGap

Create apps with a single codebase for multiple platforms using existing development skills.

Build hybrid cross-platform applications with HTML, CSS, and Javascript and reach out to the users easily.

Other options for having Xcode on Windows

The Xcode needs Intel Macintosh Hardware to develop an iOS app and it can only run on a Macintosh computer.

So, renting a Mac would be a great option for you as a developer if you don’t have a Mac.

1. Renting a Mac

If you cannot afford a Mac or you are not willing to buy one, then you can just rent a Mac for app development and publishing.

Renting a mac basically means that you can run a Mac desktop on your windows computer.

It is a cheap and affordable option with just $20 /month and gives a decent speed.

Also if you don’t like it or want to quit, you can easily cancel your plan.

2. Build a “Hackintosh”

Hackintosh is a name given to any computer that runs Mac Operating System on non-Apple hardware.

Out of all the other options, this might be a little tough to build. However, for someone who cannot afford a Mac and still needs a computer that runs macOS then building a Hackintosh is the best choice.

3. Third-Party Solutions

If you don’t want to go with any of the given options than last but not the least is to go with a third party software that helps you do iOS development on any other Operating system.

This third-party software will enable you to easily create an app that runs on iOS devices.

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